Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Where is Dave and Sharon?
Where is Dave and Sharon?
Where is Dave and Sharon?
Where is Dave and Sharon?
Where is Dave and Sharon?


Day 88: Miami Beach

Today was our last full day of our amazing trip, and the first gloriously sunny and hot day we’ve had in nearly two weeks, so was the perfect way to end our time here. We spent the day on the beach, so Sharon could do a last minute top-up of her tan haha.

This evening, to treat ourselves, and end up on a blow-out, we went for a meal out along the beachfront. All the days we’ve had of eating super cheaply to save money paid off with spending our savings on this one meal hahah. Even then – our choice of restaurany was swayed by the fact they were offering 20% discount on the menu, and two for one drinks! We opted for the bargain house specials, Sharon had a seafood special – Lobster, Mahi Mahi, and shrimp. I had the big old Cowboy T-bone steak.. they were called the specials, and that they were! huge portions of super tasty food !

Today really was the perfect day to round off our trip.. but we can’t actually believe its come to an end.. for a time there it felt like it never would.

We’ll have to put up our photos when we have a better connection!

Day 87: Miami

So we awoke this morning and peeked out the window - still overcast.. so we decided against the early start, and just cooked ourselves a breakfast with some cheap bits we'd bought from the shop round the corner. A home cooked eggs breakfast! thats a real novelty for our trip here. Normally the rooms we've been staying in haven't had a →

Day 86: Fort Lauderdale back to Miami Beach

This morning we left our 'worryingly located' hotel (Econo Lodge motel in the dodgiest part of town) in Fort Lauderdale and headed to our last port of call, Miami beach. We've booked a pretty cool suite in an art deco building directly on Ocean Drive overlooking the famous South beach - amazing. It was available on a 3 nights for 2 nights offer and we →

Day 85: Key West back to Fort Lauderdale

Today was gloriously sunny - but oh so windy, and that wind brought a chill with it ! We had decided that we weren't going to stay in Key west another night after all - as we decided to head back up the coast to go to a Rodeo! As we knew we weren't going to stay the whole day, we →

Day 84: Florida City to Key West

Having been keeping an eye on the weather forecasts we decided that today was the day to make the run to Key West - it was meant to be overcast and windy but dry - hence the reason we chose it as everywhere else down south here was to be wet and rainy!  The drive of 120 odd miles took →

Day 83: Florida City

Not much to report today as it was raining again, so we decided to while away the day at a shopping mall in Miami. This was one Sharon had looked up on the internet and it was supposed to be the best in the area... we were shocked here actually - as before we knew it, half the day was gone. It →

Day 82: Florida City

We’ll upload our pictures when we have a better internet connection ! This morning we were awoken at 3am by the sounds of the torrential downpour going on outside our window. This incliment weather continued pretty much throughout the whole day. As much as we cursed the rain, we do appreciate the fact we have had months of glorious weather so we can't complain →

Day 81: Key Largo and Islamorada

We'll upload our pictures when we have a better internet connection ! Today we headed down to Key Largo, with the plan of spending some time on a beach in the state parks there. Then we found out there are no beaches as such.. hahaha.. ahh well, noone can accuse us of not doing our research about our trip.. ahem... so once →

Day 80: Miami to Florida City

Our plan today was to spend the day in Miami again before heading down to our next stop in Florida City. We were more than pleased to checked out of our hotel (definately a contender for the worst hotel of the whole trip - it was SO damp, and the smell of mould was almost unbearable).  As we neared Miami the weather was →

Day 79: Miami

We're going to have to upload the pictures when we have a decent internet connection ! Today we hit Miami beach. We started the day with an all you can eat pancake breakfast at iHop - admittedly we can't really afford it however we figured if we ate as many pancakes as we possibly could then we wouldn't need to eat →