Its like -where IS they??- innit?


Day 88: Miami Beach

Today was our last full day of our amazing trip, and the first gloriously sunny and hot day we've had in nearly two weeks, so was the perfect way to end our time here. We spent the day on the beach, so Sharon could do a last minute top-up of her tan haha. This evening, to treat ourselves, and end up →

Day 87: Miami

So we awoke this morning and peeked out the window - still overcast.. so we decided against the early start, and just cooked ourselves a breakfast with some cheap bits we'd bought from the shop round the corner. A home cooked eggs breakfast! thats a real novelty for our trip here. Normally the rooms we've been staying in haven't had a →

Day 86: Fort Lauderdale back to Miami Beach

This morning we left our 'worryingly located' hotel (Econo Lodge motel in the dodgiest part of town) in Fort Lauderdale and headed to our last port of call, Miami beach. We've booked a pretty cool suite in an art deco building directly on Ocean Drive overlooking the famous South beach - amazing. It was available on a 3 nights for 2 nights offer and we →

Day 85: Key West back to Fort Lauderdale

Today was gloriously sunny - but oh so windy, and that wind brought a chill with it ! We had decided that we weren't going to stay in Key west another night after all - as we decided to head back up the coast to go to a Rodeo! As we knew we weren't going to stay the whole day, we →

Day 84: Florida City to Key West

Having been keeping an eye on the weather forecasts we decided that today was the day to make the run to Key West - it was meant to be overcast and windy but dry - hence the reason we chose it as everywhere else down south here was to be wet and rainy!  The drive of 120 odd miles took →

Day 83: Florida City

Not much to report today as it was raining again, so we decided to while away the day at a shopping mall in Miami. This was one Sharon had looked up on the internet and it was supposed to be the best in the area... we were shocked here actually - as before we knew it, half the day was gone. It →

Day 82: Florida City

We’ll upload our pictures when we have a better internet connection ! This morning we were awoken at 3am by the sounds of the torrential downpour going on outside our window. This incliment weather continued pretty much throughout the whole day. As much as we cursed the rain, we do appreciate the fact we have had months of glorious weather so we can't complain →

Day 81: Key Largo and Islamorada

We'll upload our pictures when we have a better internet connection ! Today we headed down to Key Largo, with the plan of spending some time on a beach in the state parks there. Then we found out there are no beaches as such.. hahaha.. ahh well, noone can accuse us of not doing our research about our trip.. ahem... so once →

Day 80: Miami to Florida City

Our plan today was to spend the day in Miami again before heading down to our next stop in Florida City. We were more than pleased to checked out of our hotel (definately a contender for the worst hotel of the whole trip - it was SO damp, and the smell of mould was almost unbearable).  As we neared Miami the weather was →

Day 79: Miami

We're going to have to upload the pictures when we have a decent internet connection ! Today we hit Miami beach. We started the day with an all you can eat pancake breakfast at iHop - admittedly we can't really afford it however we figured if we ate as many pancakes as we possibly could then we wouldn't need to eat →

Day 78: Deerfield Beach to Sunny Isle Beach

We had a very easy day today. We drove just 30mins down the coast to Sunny Isle beach and arrived at what can only be decribed as a contender for worst hotel of our road trip! We had a strange encounter with a staff member who personally showed us how to place our car park ticket on our dashboard and then gave us a tour of →

Day 77: Deerfield beach and Fort Lauderdale

We journied back in to Fort Lauderdale today to explore a little more. Due to the boat show being on, the beach parking was just too expensive for us so we decided to park at the Riverwalk, a riverside area with bars and eateries, pay the $15 for the day and take the 'leisurely stroll' (so they called it in →

Day 76: Pompano to Fort Lauderdale.

From our base in Pompano, we drove today to Fort Lauderdale, only a 7 mile jump along the coast, but with about a 30 mile round trip to get to the nearest currency exchange bureau. As of today, both our bank accounts have been bled totally dry, and we are down to the remaining cash we brought with us. Now, for the →

Day 75 – Naples to Pompano

Today was our journey accross state from the west side of the peninsular to the East.. this was along a stretch of road called 'Aligator Alley' which is part of the Everglades national park. We stopped along this stretch at a lookout point for some Alli's, but didn't see any, they must have been off entertaining other people ! boohoo We arrived →

Day 74: Naples

After scoping out the best of the local beaches yesterday, we decided to spend the day at the Delnor Wiggins state park! Going by the some reports on the internet, this is one of the more popular places to go in the Naples area, and it was clear why - a mile of pure white sand in a 166 acre →

Day 73: Fort Myers to Naples

Today we drove the short distance down to Naples. As we've had a lot of beach time recently, we decided to explore the town instead of going straight to one of the beaches here. As we drove around, it became obvious to us that it is a very expensive and excusive area.. the beaches are lined with homes -or should →

Day 72: Fort Myers

In what we have decided is to be our last day in Fort Myers, we made the most of the our time.. We used most of the day by the pool again..Come lunchtime we took a little jaunt up the beach to a small bar and got a few beers and some food.. Oddly today, there were loads of boats →

Day 71: Fort Myers

Today we decided to relax for a change. We whiled away the day sunbathing on the beach, then in the late afternoon by the pool. Our gorgeous little apartment complex is right on the beach, so we're not far from all the amenities..  Sharon had a good chance to catch up with Rosey on the phone, as we even got wireless internet on →

Day 70: Siesta Key to Fort Myers

We awoke this morning, and we rather reluctantly decided to get back on the road.. we are more aware than ever that time is running out and we want to cram in as much as possible.. So we grabbed our USA lonely planet guide book (once again thanks to Helen for the gift!) and went for one last stroll along →

Day 69: Siesta Key

Today we enjoyed another quiet and relaxing day on the beach in Siesta Key.. theres a lot to be said for doing not a lot ! haha.. we had read a little more about the beach here - and its so highly regarded due to the type of sand - 99% pure quartz - which according to many internet sites →

Day 68: Clearwater to Siesta Key

  This morning Dave and I awoke bright and early at 8am. Being too early to venture out (yes we are totally in holiday mode!), we decided to go back to sleep and woke up again at 10.50am - not good when check out is 11am! After a 10 min dash to grab our bags we jumped in the car and →

Day 67: Clearwater to St Petersburg

Today we drove the short jump from Clearwater to St petersburg - about 25 minutes!.. we're already loving the short drives... After 2 months of covering big mileage, the knowledge we are sticking in one state and covering its coastline has set put a different feel on the last section of our trip. We preferred St Petes beach to Clearwater →

Day 66: Orlando to Clearwater

After many an exhausting day spent in Orlando, we finally moved on today to calmer shores. The run was just a short one compared to those long old jaunts we had started to become used to. The fact it was just a short hop was really both a novelty, and much appreciated after this past few days (in fact past →

Day 65: Orlando

Dave and I had bought a 3 day pass to Universal, so today we decided to go back to Islands of Adventure. We spent most of the afternoon there rerunning our favourite rides. Daves favourite is the harry potter ride. I had to stop him from buying the licenced merchendised wands (a little plastic stick) they were selling at extortionate prices, →