Its like -where IS they??- innit?


Day 64: Orlando

After a more than exhausting day for us all yesterday, we had agreed on a bit of a sleep in this morning. This would give us all a bit of much needed rest, and also C & S a bit of extra time to pack up and get ready for their journey home. On the way to the airport, we detoured →

Day 63: Orlando Disneyworld

Today was C&S's last full day with us in Orlando, and boy what a day ! We had planned on returning to Hollywood Studios, and hitting Magic Kingdom early afternoon, which we only slightly deviated from. We started early with a final request from C&S of a ponderosa breakfast :-D Although we had spent an afternoon in Hollywood studios already, we →

Day 62: Orlando

We'd all got a second day pass to use at Universal, so today we were in Universal Studios! (After a pancake fest of a breakfast at iHop!) Our day was another blast of rides, and novelty theme park sights. Carl had already had his picture taken with Wolverine in Islands of adventure, but here today the girls had theirs taken with Bart Simpson hahaha. After the →

Day 61: Orlando

This morning we dropped Carl and Suzanne off for a day at Seaworld, while we had decided we needed to conserve a bit of our money and get a little downtime. So once we'd arrived back at the hotel at 11am, we then slept until 2pm! We haven't had a full rest day in many weeks now (I'm looking tired →

Day 60 – Orlando/Disneyworld

Today was Disney day. After a hearty breakfast at Denny's in which Carl chose the 'Grand Slamwich', we then headed with heavy tummies over to Disney's Animal Kingdom. The park was suprisingly busy and we spent a lot longer there than we had planned. There were a few fast and fun rides for us to try but this park was all about its →

Day 59: Orlando/Islands of Adventure

We started the morning with a substantial breakfast at the all you can eat buffet in Ponderosa. Nothing beats a plateful of chicken nuggets and fruit! The first park we planned to hit this week was Islands of Adventure. We got there nice and early and headed straight on to the fastest rollercoaster they have - the Hulk. Luckily we all managed to keep →

Day 58: Orlando/Daytona

It was Sunday, so figuring that the theme parks would be rammed, we all decided to head out for a day on the beach.The weather promised to be gorgeous, and we thought it would be nice and quiet as we are out of the real summer season now. Little did we know what the day had in store for us. →

Day 57: Orlando

We began our day by handing back our beloved Mustang. It was an emotional moment although Dave and I managed to hold back the tears at this point. It was only when we found out that our last hire car of the trip was to be a Toyota Corolla that we truly felt like crying! ;-) Lack of funds meant →

Day 56: Panama City to Orlando

Today we explored Panama City on the Gulf coast before embarking on our 6 hour drive to Orlando. It was so lovely to see a beach again - we haven't seen one since the beginning of this trip in CA. We had lunch over looking the ocean at Hooters - Dave's eyes nearly popped out when he saw the half naked waitresses! We presumed the waitresses →

Day 55: New Orleans (Louisiana) to Panama City (Florida)

We had planned an early start this morning in order to fit in the steamboat ride before hitting the road. However, after the skinful we'd drunk last night, and the late finish, there was no chance of that ever happening, so we decided to do the later boatride, and drive to Florida late. Sharon was once again like an excited →

Day 54: New Orleans

Dave and I didn't manage to hit the city until early afternoon today, because poor Dave was a bit under the weather. Our first stop was subway, we then strolled all around the french quarter looking in all the gorgeous boutiques. I was very good, I only bought a couple of bits. We treated ourselves to a relaxing horsedrawn carraige →

Day 53: New Orleans

Today was our last day with Dory and Denny, as Dave and I are going to stay in the centre of N.O. for the next couple of nights. Dory and Denny have been the most amazing hosts, and we'll miss our wake up call with coffee in bed. We have loved every moment with them, and had some great times.. →

Day 52: New Orleans

After a slower paced morning at Dorys we finally managed to get out the house and they drove us the hour into N.O. where we spent a good hour or so looking in some of Dorys favourite stores. These are now Sharons favourite stores too. It wasn't long before Sharon got her first glimpse of the paddle steamer 'The Natchez' →

Day 51:

Today was the earliest start we've had in a long time (about 7am) - and it probably did us the world of good. After a speedy breakfast on the go we headed off to Dory and Dennys Church. We were made very welcome in the older group study session, before moving over to the church hall for the actual service. Sharon →

Day 50: Baton Rouge

Day 50? When did that happen? We cannot believe how fast this trip is going, it's just whizzing by in a flash. We're so relieved we've done this blog as it helps us remember where we've been and when - sometimes it's all a bit of a blur! Today was fantastic, all thanks to our amazing hosts Dory and Denny. After →

Day 49: Opelousas to Gonzales

After a brief stop in Walmart to stock up on some healthy cake (Giant Cinnamon buns covered in cream cheese icing), we took ourselves on the final stretch of the journey to Gonzales (Louisiana) to visit with my cousins. Driving accross the wetlands we decided that we wouldn't stop for a paddle in these waters, even though we made some jokes →

Day 48: Fort Worth (Texas) to Opelousas (Louisiana)

After picking up a nice and healthy Subway lunch, we began our 6 hour drive into Louisiana, and Opelousas, our nights stopover point on our way to visit some of my family in the New Orleans area. We got stuck for an hour in traffic leaving Dallas, and we realised this isn't something we're used to anymore ! this is →

Day 47: Dallas

We started off this morning the same as any other morning, with a trip to 80's Texan Soap location: South Fork Ranch ! Sadly since JR was shot here, he no longer likes to spend any time here, so we took a few pictures and then took ourselves off to our next place of interest - where JFK was shot. →

Day 46 – Fort Worth & Dallas

Waking typically early and getting out of the hotel for about 11.30, we headed down to 'The Stockyards' in Fort Worth. Our guide book had promised this was a nice albeit touristy place to visit, and we weren't disappointed. We ate what can only be described as the tastiest burger so far this trip at a place called the love shack →

Day 45 – Roswell (New Mexico) to Fort Worth (Texas)

Day 45 saw our longest single days drive so far, taking pretty much 7 hours and clocking up almost exactly 468 miles. We weren't sad to be leaving Roswell, but we did take one final drive down the main street to see if the new day had enlivened it any. It hadn't hahaha. So without a glance back, we headed →

Day 44 – Santa Fe to Roswell

Heres another destination Sharon had been looking forward to seeing since we'd seen we were passing close by enough to make the detour down. Roswell - historic location of the 'Roswell incident' which is world renoun as the UFO crash site, and centre of the subsequent intrigue surrounding the alleged analysis of recovered alien bodies - we all have heard about the alien →

Day 43 – Santa Fe

After many days of exploring some of the more northern cities, we were both pleasantly surprised with Santa Fe. The centre (the plaza) here really had a wonderful 'village' feel to it. We arrived in the early afternoon, and both the square and many of the surrounding streets had market and/or art stalls set up selling their wares. Sharon was →

Day 43 – Boulder (Colorado) to Santa Fe (new mexico)

Another long drive - and this is the first of quite a few more long stretches for us coming up over the next couple of weeks. This road took us 426 miles from Boulder in Colorado, southbound to Santa Fe in New Mexico - taking around 6 and a half hours.. we are getting used to the longer runs now, →

Day 42 – Boulder and Denver

Today we visited the state capital of Colorado, Denver. We'd read in our guide book that one of the two 'must see' areas was 16th St Mall, a shopping district in the heart of the city so we headed over there. After paying $12 for parking we had high hopes! We were somewhat disappointed with the reality...masses of restaurants and →