Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 69: Siesta Key

Today we enjoyed another quiet and relaxing day on the beach in Siesta Key.. theres a lot to be said for doing not a lot ! haha.. we had read a little more about the beach here – and its so highly regarded due to the type of sand – 99% pure quartz – which according to many internet sites attracts sand collectors from accross the world… it is genuinely like walking on icing sugar, so soft, powdery and pure white !

tonight we took the (very) short stroll into the main section of the resort, and enjoyed a tasty italian meal while listening to the live music from the bar next door..  The local Sheriff was wandering up and down the street, and he got talking to some other diners sat near us. He told them that they had a great seat, as from there you never knew what you were going to see going on up and down the road – so it made us wonder what kind of stuff goes on here in what we’ve seen as a sleepy little vacation town haha. We chuckled to ourselves as he walked past us, as its still a novelty to see police all carrying handguns so visibly for us.

We still haven’t decided what we are going to do tomorrow- should we stay or should we go now?…