Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 72: Fort Myers

In what we have decided is to be our last day in Fort Myers, we made the most of the our time.. We used most of the day by the pool again..Come lunchtime we took a little jaunt up the beach to a small bar and got a few beers and some food.. Oddly today, there were loads of boats pulled up near the beach loaded with people partying. This is likely a typical sunday ! we laughed while we watched people trying to avoid the stingrays which were patrolling the shallows.

After lunch we walked up the pier with a big loaded icecream, and saw all the people fishing.. one even caught a small shark!

this evening, after a siesta, we watched another sunset before returning to our room, eating porpcorn, and watching one of Sharons fave films on the TV – Pretty Woman. haha (Sharon punched me for saying it was haha)