Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 73: Fort Myers to Naples

Today we drove the short distance down to Naples. As we’ve had a lot of beach time recently, we decided to explore the town instead of going straight to one of the beaches here. As we drove around, it became obvious to us that it is a very expensive and excusive area.. the beaches are lined with homes -or should we say mansions -rather than hotels, and the downtown shopping district of 3rd and 5th street are lined with boutiques and art galleries. We drove around choosing which houses we’d buy with our winnings. Now we just need to get the numbers actually come up on the Florida state lottery. haha. We walked around tin city which is a small shopping and dining area on the marina. From here we headed up to one of the many beaches to have a quick look see where we would go tomorrow. Another obvious difference to the beaches here is that they have a thick growth of almost tropical undergrowth between them and the roadways, which gives them a very different feel.

This evening we drove to the nearest shopping outlet, and further planned the spend of our yet to be acquired lottery winnings, before eating yet another McDonalds on the way home. Something must have gone wrong there – as we’ve not yet collected the million dollar winning tickets there either! We thought Morgan Spurlock had eaten a lot of Mcdonalds food in his documentary ‘Super Size Me’, though we now think we’re heading to beat his record. Only we clearly wont be getting a small fortune for doing so. We might sound proud of it, but we’re really not, its all we can afford now! hahah Now we’re at the beaches its the very time we need to be eating well and maintaining the old beach bod, but we’re hammering up the fast food instead.. what a joke! hahah