Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 74: Naples

After scoping out the best of the local beaches yesterday, we decided to spend the day at the Delnor Wiggins state park! Going by the some reports on the internet, this is one of the more popular places to go in the Naples area, and it was clear why – a mile of pure white sand in a 166 acre reserved natural habitat park. We took a picnic basket with us consisting of a bucket of fried chicken and a big salad, with a load of melon for dessert (bought from a supermarket on our way there)! we like to think that the bad was balanced out with the good here ! We ate this sat under a tree on the beach, and it was great apart from the ant invasion. We spent the afternoon on the beach, playing iPhone games against each other. After I’d smashed Sharon at these games and become champion of the world again, I snatched her up in my arms, and we sat and watched the sunset. The beach here was particularly nice as it was very quiet, totally undeveloped and the sea was very warm in comparison to many that we have visited more recently. Sharon even gained an understanding of Carls technique of flapping her arms as waves crashed into her hahah. Another quality relaxing day – we’re getting too used to these ! hahah