Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 75 – Naples to Pompano

Today was our journey accross state from the west side of the peninsular to the East.. this was along a stretch of road called ‘Aligator Alley’ which is part of the Everglades national park. We stopped along this stretch at a lookout point for some Alli’s, but didn’t see any, they must have been off entertaining other people ! boohoo

We arrived at our beachfront hotel mid afternoon, and spent the next few hours on the beach here. The temperature is hovering around the 90 fahrenheit mark, and has been consistantly since we arrived at the coasts.. bliss. We are really noticing the humidity in Florida, all the previous states we’ve been through had a much dryer heat. Including Louisiana, as their humid season had just passed! The sunshine we’re experiencing here is even more welcome when we hear how grey, wet, cold and generally miserable the weather is back in the UK.

The beach here on the east isn’t as ‘tropical’ as the west coast, with golden sands that are pretty coarse, rather than the pure white powder, but we’re loving them all.

At sundown, we drank one of our last two cold beers each (the only thing we have left now is a cheap bottle of watermelon flavoured smirnoff) on our balcony, and Sharon challenged me for the championship of the world. This evening we rolled down to the local shopping centre, and Sharon coo’ed over all the christmas decorations for sale in Macy’s.. she LOVES christmas decorations, and should open her own shop!