Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 76: Pompano to Fort Lauderdale.

From our base in Pompano, we drove today to Fort Lauderdale, only a 7 mile jump along the coast, but with about a 30 mile round trip to get to the nearest currency exchange bureau. As of today, both our bank accounts have been bled totally dry, and we are down to the remaining cash we brought with us. Now, for the remaining 13 days and nights, after the lowest average hotel charge, we’re left with about $15 (£10) for food, petrol and everything else between us. We think we’re going to start sinking pretty quick ! BUT we are determined to see it through and will not be deterred in having the best time we can for our last few days. Of course, it would be just our luck that the currency exchange bureau would be located right in the middle of the largest shopping mall in the whole of Florida.. what a nightmare.. hahaha.. we both made imaginary purchases in the stores we did look in, and I’m now wearing my wonderful new invisible Nike boots! hahaha

We drove from the mall to the beach at Fort Lauderdale. Finding parking here wasn’t easy ! This area is currently hosting the largest boat show in the world, and everywhere in a 5 mile radius had a parking fee of $30.. thats double our days spending money !!! hahaha so we drove down nearer to where we are staying, found some regular parking meters, and spent an hour on the beach – as by now it was nearly 5pm.

On our new lavish Budget, we managed to both fill up on Buck doubles in Burger king – one dollar each for a double cheeseburger.. so we only spent $5.30 on dinner ! hahah .. very nourishing :-D

We plan to return to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow, find some cheap parking, and walk the trek back into the centre, as it looks like there is a lot to see, and a lot of imaginary boats to buy ! :-D