Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 77: Deerfield beach and Fort Lauderdale

We journied back in to Fort Lauderdale today to explore a little more. Due to the boat show being on, the beach parking was just too expensive for us so we decided to park at the Riverwalk, a riverside area with bars and eateries, pay the $15 for the day and take the ‘leisurely stroll’ (so they called it in the travel guide) to the beach. The leisurely stroll took us 1.15hrs. It must have been at least 4 miles in 90 degrees heat – we were ready to collapse when we finally arrived! The route was lovely though and took us past many gorgeous waterside properties with matching gorgeous yatchs moored out front – there is no shortage of money in this town. We also gawped at the super yatchs being paraded at the boatshow - Dave chose the one he’ll buy with our lotto winnings tomorrow night ;-)

We spent a couple of hours on the beach (the sea was so clear – definitely rivals the caribbean) before wandering through the tacky but grossly overpriced tourist shops which I secretly love.  The weather became a little overcast so we trecked back to the car and hit the supermarket – canned chilli con carne and microwave rice – we’re learning how to live on a shoestring budget! The days of a huge pancake breakfasts at Denny’s are long gone…our rather expanded waistlines will thank us for this! haha