Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 79: Miami

We’re going to have to upload the pictures when we have a decent internet connection !

Today we hit Miami beach. We started the day with an all you can eat pancake breakfast at iHop – admittedly we can’t really afford it however we figured if we ate as many pancakes as we possibly could then we wouldn’t need to eat again for the rest of the day and we were right…well almost…we found ourselves eating yet another McDonalds in the evening, it was all our budget could stretch to !!

After breakfast we headed to the famous South Beach where we spent the next few hours sunbathing, wandering around the art deco section and dodging the rain showers! It’s Halloween today which meant that all the bars/restaurants were fully decorated in spooky regalia and the staff were all in fancy dress also. I did offer Dave my coral coloured towel so he could pretend he was a ghost but he rejected my offer. The art deco buildings are very cool, all pastel coloured and some with vintage cars parked out front to add to the authenticity. The beach itself was gorgeous, so wide and long and with amazingly blue water – bliss! We sat and watched the cruise liners coming and going in the late afternoon. Unfortunatly the weather has taken a turn for the worse so we only spent an hour or so on the beach, the rest of the time was spent running in and out of the shops to avoid the showers. The place as a whole was much more relaxed than I imagined (I imagined 24hrs party central), it has a great vibe and I look forward to spending a few more days here.  S

Even though we had read about it in our guide book - we were quite surprised by the amount of openly same-sex couples both on South Beach, and in very gay-friendly bars, and attitude here was much more open than most places in England, even Brighton. Sharon turned some heads and had a couple of admirers on the beach, but she was surprised to see they were all other girls! hahah.. D