Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 80: Miami to Florida City

Our plan today was to spend the day in Miami again before heading down to our next stop in Florida City. We were more than pleased to checked out of our hotel (definately a contender for the worst hotel of the whole trip – it was SO damp, and the smell of mould was almost unbearable).  As we neared Miami the weather was looking a little worse than yesterday, so we decided to abandon our plan and head south sooner rather than later. Florida City isnt called the gateway to the keys for nothing. Our hotel here is right at the top of the one highway that links all of the keys together. Although as we drive down here we came out of the rain and back into sunshine, we only managed to have a good couple of hours sat by the pool before the dark clouds caught up with us. Our recent diet had left me feeling a little worse than the picture of health so I had a bit of an afternoon power nap while Sharon had a conversation that left her all excited with her friend Rosey.

All this bad food we’ve been eating hasn’t been doing us either any favours, so this evening we decided on a big old Domino’s pizza.. Perhaps not the most healthy of foods, but we did get the one with loads of veg on it! and it was a much bigger meal than we’re used to as well, so it couldn’t have been all bad! haha

We didn’t take any pictures today – I think its only the second day in the whole time we’ve been out here we haven’t!