Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 81: Key Largo and Islamorada

We’ll upload our pictures when we have a better internet connection !

Today we headed down to Key Largo, with the plan of spending some time on a beach in the state parks there. Then we found out there are no beaches as such.. hahaha.. ahh well, noone can accuse us of not doing our research about our trip.. ahem…

so once we had found out that the nearest (proper) beach was Miami, we rolled on down to IslaMorada for the one small beach (ish) place. Annes beach – which was a short (maybe a quarter mile in length) and thin strip of sandy waterfront. Actually, after initially being a little disappointed about it, it turned out to be really nice here. We walked up close to one of the ends, and Sharon and I were the only people there. The waters here were so shallow, even a wade out 100 feet or so would only see the waters reach just over your knee. We stretched out on the sand, with the gentle sound of the water just at our feet enjoyed the sunshine, and watched the numerous kite surfers flying around at the other end of the beach. On the walk back to the car, we were entertained by the native birds trying to catch themselves a seafood dinner – some of the many little crabs that live in the little burrows beside the walkway.

As the sun started to set, we started the drive northbound back to our hotel, and chatted about some of the many places we could eat this evening. I had been given a Florida Keys guidebook by a friendly couple I’d got chatting to at our hotel with so many discount vouchers inside, we laughed that we are totally spoilt for choice. Then we pulled into the McDonalds carpark before buying ourselves a couple of burgers each from the dollar menu. Mealtime this evening cost us $9 – about £6.. so we were on budget. We both felt sick by the time we got back to our hotel, and made a new decree – we aren’t going to eat any more stinking McDonalds -not only on this trip, but this side of the new year either. We are in another area in the states where the food at local places can be so amazing, but our budget prevents us from sampling it ! gah.. still, we’ll be frugal, but just choose more wisely in the remaining days for the sake of our health ;-)

As much as we talk and laugh about the fact we’ve got no money now, we are thankful every day that we have been able to do this amazing trip, that we are still out here and enjoying our time so much, not only in America but with each other too.