Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 85: Key West back to Fort Lauderdale

Today was gloriously sunny – but oh so windy, and that wind brought a chill with it !

We had decided that we weren’t going to stay in Key west another night after all – as we decided to head back up the coast to go to a Rodeo! As we knew we weren’t going to stay the whole day, we looked at the map once again to see what parts we wanted to see and decided to check them all out before moving on. We ate a picnic lunch at the nearest beach (we stayed in the car though as we’d have been blown away!) before braving a quick walk on the pier. This was brave as it didn’t have any guard rails, so we could have fallen into the water! haha From there we drove round to the bouy which marks the Southernmost point in the continental united states. From here it really is only is 90 miles to Cuba. We were in a hurrry so I waited in the car on the corner while Sharon jumped out to grab a quick photo haha..

On our way out of the main part of the town, we tried to stop by and grab some Key Lime pie from the other one of the 2 most famed pie makers. Disappointingly, even though we tried 3 of the Blond Giraffe stores, all of them were closed, so it wasn’t meant to be..

The drive North took a little longer than we expected, as the roads were pretty slow going. They were all freeways, but the speed limits were low along the stretch.. We stopped only twice along the way, once to take a few pictures of the gorgeous azure water, the second time to get a final slice of Key Lime pie from a roadside stand, which had what we thought was a huge clawless lobster statue in the carpark!.. Even though we had planned to check into our hotel ahead of time before heading to the Rodeo, after we’d both had a chicken pot pie from KFC (!?) we found we were getting pushed for time so headed straight there – and its a good thing we did ! The satellite navigation kept sending us along a deserted street to an empty schoolyard hahaha in the end I had to check the internet and found where we were meant to be headed, and when we actually got there, we were lucky enough to have got one of the last few parking spaces really close by. Once inside, we had just enough time to grab a drink and find some seats before the rodeo started. This was the Southeastern Circuit Championship finals, and we had such a good time here.. It lasted about 2 and a half hours in total, and was thoroughly enjoyable.. Of the many events - we loved both the bronco’s and the bull riding – no one could fail to be impressed with those cowboys – the fact that they stayed on those big boy animal’s backs for more than 1 second is quite amazing! It was a real spectacle and one to be ticked off the ‘USA to do’ list. We both thought this was such a fun thing to edge us into the final days of our trip, as in Sharons words : ‘its just SOO American’