Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 87: Miami

So we awoke this morning and peeked out the window – still overcast.. so we decided against the early start, and just cooked ourselves a breakfast with some cheap bits we’d bought from the shop round the corner. A home cooked eggs breakfast! thats a real novelty for our trip here. Normally the rooms we’ve been staying in haven’t had a kitchenette – but here we have a hob so its great for us, we actually saved a few dollars by cooking in the room!

we’d decided against the beach and thought we’d venture out into some of the other parts nearby.. so you guessed it – more shopping haha.. I’m sure it would have been much more fun if we’d had loads of money to spend on new purchases, but it was really good to look round another place we’d not yet seen!  it was just as fun people watching here – there are some real characters!

Internet is really slow today for some reason – so We’ll put the pictures up next time we have a reasonable connection !