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Day 31 – Monument Valley to Hurricane, via Zion

We had set our alarm early again to be up to see the spectacular sunrise. This morning though was a little more cloudy, so the colours were totally different again from yesterday. Even though it was another pre-7am start, our bleary eyes were treated to another glorious panorama. Of course we went straight back to sleep as soon as the sun was truly rising high!

After a final wander round the hotel and immediate grounds we hit the road again for our 113 mile drive to Bryce canyon.. so we put the details into the Sat Nav and then realised that we’d made a bit of a mistake with our planning and in fact instead of 113 miles, it was 290 to Bryce- and it was already nearly midday.. So our plan of going to Bryce, and then to Zion before hitting our hotel just outside of Zion had to be changed pretty quickly ! fortunately Zion National Park was ‘only’ 260 miles, so we decided as the day was already halfway through, that we’d see what we could of Zion before going straight to the hotel, leaving Bryce to the morning.

We reached Zion at about 4, and were instantly surprised to once again see yet another remarkably differing backdrop to those we had seen thus far on the trip… We really have learned that you don’t have to travel far here to run into vastly different geology..

Zion itself was really oriented towards directing you to seeing the key areas of the park as quickly as you want, so it was perfect for what was left of our early evening.. we did a bit of trekking up the mountainsides (the largest sandstone mountains in the world) to see the weeping rock, and the emerald pools.. it was really good to see some of the wildlife here as well – deer, mountain fox, wild turkeys and tree frogs in the short time we had. Even though we were only here for about 4 and a half hours, we saw the parts that had interested us from the guidebook we got at the gate.. This park certainly wasn’t as big as the likes of yosemite or death valley, but was well worth the visit.

We were pleased that our hotel was a lowly 40 mile drive from here – just a short hop till we could relax again and enjoy our Dominos pizza ! hahaha



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  1. Paul and Jane

    Hi Guys,
    Looks like a fantastic trip, but you must be getting travel fatigued by now? I hear the London marathon is a good wheeze if you need a challenge when you get back!
    Had a call from Dory saying they had a missed call from you when they were at church. Let them know as soon as you have an idea of when you will hit the Baton Rouge / New Orleans area so they can plan ahead and rally the family. A weekend would be favourite as most of them work and Denny & Dory do various ministering during the week.

    Sep 16, 2010 @ 11:54 am

  2. admin

    Hey you !
    Great to hear from you guys! yeah the trip is amazing so far thanks very much! travel fatigue catches up with us on occassion, but we just plan a couple of days of downtime here and there when it feels necessary to recharge the batteries and regroup :-D . Your suggestion of the London marathon was considered, but we thought after this pace, we’d be better suited to challenge Eddie Izzards more recent record ! hahah
    I left Dory a Voicemail the other day when we had a chance to give them a call, hopefully we’ll get a similar chance in the coming couple of days to liaise with them and sort out a visit. Thanks for letting us know they’d got the message!
    Not sure if you got my Text message the other day, keep in touch and let me know how you all are !

    Sep 17, 2010 @ 12:49 am