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Day 50: Baton Rouge

Day 50? When did that happen? We cannot believe how fast this trip is going, it’s just whizzing by in a flash. We’re so relieved we’ve done this blog as it helps us remember where we’ve been and when – sometimes it’s all a bit of a blur!

Today was fantastic, all thanks to our amazing hosts Dory and Denny. After a breakfast feast fit for a king, we headed in to Baton Rouge to watch the local state University, LSU, play (American) Football – huge thanks to Tara and Bob for the tickets! Imagining that we’d be standing at the side of a small football pitch with a handful of parents, I was a little shocked when I realised we’d be watching the game in a stadium bigger than Twickenham with 93,000 others! The area surrounding the stadium was unlike anything I’ve ever seen – thousands of people ‘tailgating’ (basically partying out of the back of their cars/trucks/RV’s) in the gorgeous sunshine with many of them having arrived the night before. The whole area was awash with purple and gold – the LSU team colours. Dave had been given a LSU cap and borrowed a t’shirt so that we wouldn’t be seen as ‘tiger bait’ – the name given to the opposing team. (Sharon had tried to make me wear a t-shirt in the opposing team colours!! D) Once we’d found our way to our seats, we spent the next 3.5 hours watching the game. I didn’t fully grasp the rules properly until the last quarter but it made no difference (thank you Dave for talking me through the whole thing!) – the spectacle of the event was just amazing…the team brass bands, the cheerleaders, the fans with all their chants and heckles and the sheer entertainment of it all made it a game to remember. Especially with the controversial final moments – the opposing team (Tennesse) winning as time ran out only for this to be overturned and LSU getting one final play, scoring and subsequently winning the game!

After the game, we met Dory and Denny who were celebrating with new found friends in a tailgating park. After a beer and a chat, we headed over to see the LSU teams mascot – a beautiful Bengal tiger. Dave wanted to me get a close up picture of this amazing beast – he even kindly offered to lift me over the fence to play with it. I gracefully declined!!

For dinner we headed to ‘Pastimes’, an old favourite haunt of Denny’s, for pizza and po’boys. The place was crawling with fans who were watching highlights of the days other games.

We are now back home with our feet up having enjoyed another amazing day here in the USA! :0)  S.

Today was amazing – they even laid on a personalised bus for me ! :-)

Dory and Denny think they are escaping getting a load of pictures of them up here on our blog – but we’ll get them good on here in the coming couple of days ! :-) . D

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  1. Mike Hotard

    Well Bro,
    Been following your epic journey. Seems strange that Paul and I are ‘true’ Americans here in the UK and our younger ‘English’ brother has been living the American dream. Give our love to the ‘Fam’ if it’s not to late and look forward to catching up with you both on your return.
    Love Mike and Sue

    Oct 03, 2010 @ 2:38 pm

  2. Rosey and Lee

    Wow! All still looks totally unbelieveable and amazing. Lot’s of once in a lifetime experiences! Keep on making the most of every moment xxx

    Oct 06, 2010 @ 1:40 pm