Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 59: Orlando/Islands of Adventure

We started the morning with a substantial breakfast at the all you can eat buffet in Ponderosa. Nothing beats a plateful of chicken nuggets and fruit!

The first park we planned to hit this week was Islands of Adventure. We got there nice and early and headed straight on to the fastest rollercoaster they have – the Hulk. Luckily we all managed to keep our breakfast down. We spent the rest of the day hitting the 3D shows and crazy rides and rode some not so crazy rides also! The girls enjoyed the Harry Potter area whilst us boys preferred the marvel superheroes – Carl nearly wet himself with excitement when he met Wolverine. haha. Carl decided he wanted a Stewie from Family Guy soft toy so pitted himself against his nemesis, Suzanne, in the sideshow stand game to win it. They both took on the water game with furrowed brows of concentration, each eager to defeat the other.  Only one would prevail and after a hard fought battle that winner was of course…Suzanne! Carl has never been any good at computer games.

In the evening we strolled around the shops and restaurants of City Walk, grabbing a tasty Panda Express along the way (even though Suzanne had tried to devour a plateful of burger earlier in the day!). Sharon found us a pair of hats to wear but I wasn’t so sure they were as stylish she had tried to tell me. As we left the park we were all so exhausted, poor Suzanne ended up crashing out for the night at 8.30pm! Disney tomorrow :-) 

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  1. dory davis

    Hey darlings of fun and pleasure. Your trip to Florida looks so exciting and full of food, and food, and food. What about your waist lines? So glad you are having such a good time. Love to Carl and Suzanne. They will not want to go home. Dave, be in contact with me regarding your hats, and let me know if you are coming back here before you go back home.There is a perfect spot I know to stand in BR. and we will make the sign!!!!! HAHA. Sharon, how is your mom? I know she is longing for your return. Be in touch and hope the rest of your time is great.Love Dory

    Oct 14, 2010 @ 12:02 pm