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Day 66: Orlando to Clearwater

After many an exhausting day spent in Orlando, we finally moved on today to calmer shores. The run was just a short one compared to those long old jaunts we had started to become used to. The fact it was just a short hop was really both a novelty, and much appreciated after this past few days (in fact past few weeks or months ! hahah). We had recently decided that our only remaining course of action for the short weeks left (3 and a half of them) would be to spend some time relaxing on the Florida beaches – and there are many to choose from! Our first port of call was decided to be Clearwater. The temperature was a perfect 85 degrees and we throughly enjoyed an afternoon of sunbathing and walking. Neither of us braved the sea fully today, just a little paddle here and there. The beach was beautiful – power white sand and miles and miles of it – we both think Florida is another state on our list of dream US places to live! We left the beach around 6pm enjoying the amazing sunset from our car a little later. For dinner we bought ourselves plenty of fruit, veg and juice (okay and a spot of wine)…hitting the beach has really made us conscious of the fact we have both added an extra pound or 6 to our waistlines during the course of this trip and that’s it’s definitely time to do something about it! The rest of this evening has been spent catching up on this blog! :-)

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  1. Jane Hotard

    Hi Dave & Sharon,

    Paul & I stayed a few years back at Clearwater with the girls when they were smaller. Denny & Dory drove right the way down from New O to meet us there. The beaches on the Gulf coast are our most favourite. Whenever we have been to Florida we always get at least one week in at the beach The sunsets are also something else there!

    Sounds like you are having an awesome time and we are all very jealous!! :-) x

    Oct 19, 2010 @ 6:33 am