Its like -where IS they??- innit?

Day 68: Clearwater to Siesta Key

This morning Dave and I awoke bright and early at 8am. Being too early to venture out (yes we are totally in holiday mode!), we decided to go back to sleep and woke up again at 10.50am – not good when check out is 11am! After a 10 min dash to grab our bags we jumped in the car and headed to our next destination, Siesta Key. It would have been all too easy to stay put in Clearwater. Even though these last few weeks are our ‘beach time’ we still need to keep moving on so we can get a taster of all Florida has to offer.
The drive was only an hour. We are loving these short rides. We arrived at midday and checked in to our hotel – a small caribbean style resort just accross the road from the beach and 2 mins walk from the main street which is full of funky little bars and restaurants…all for $75 a night (£50) – what a dream…beats the $150 broom cupboard in San Fran anyday! Neither myself or Dave realised there were Keys so far north, We spent this afternoon on the beach which we both agree warrents it’s title of ‘second best beach in America’. We need to find out which is No. 1 but we both agree this is a great runner up! haha. The sand is snow white and the water turquiose – the first time we have seen such coloured water on this trip. We took a short a short stroll through the town tonight and enjoyed all the live music coming from the cool bars – Dave remarked that it reminded him of Luton town center – haha. And to think, the whole of my home town, Gerrards Cross, closes at 7pm so much like this town also ;-) We have only booked 2 nights here so far but we may stay longer… :-)

Dave’s broken shoe is getting worse! hahah