Its like -where IS they??- innit?

The Chariot

The third travelling companion, now we’re on car number 5. We’re keeping this one till the final day - right up until November 10th when we fly out of Miami international airport. Its a red 2010 Toyota Corolla. Imagine the least enjoyable car you’ve ever driven, then multiply the worst bits by about 10, and you’ve got some idea what this car is like. If you’re driving on the very stillest of days, and you open any of the windows the tiniest crack, you instantly get a perforated eardrum – the wind blasting into the car is just incredible. The aerodynamics are like a bad joke, you get so buffetted around on the road its like driving through the perfect storm on any day of the year. Don’t whatever you do glance away from the road for a second – or you’ll find yourself carreering onto the grass verge or off the side of a cliff.. Add to that dreadful acceleration, diabolical brakes, dangerous handling in the wet, and poor visibility and you’ve got a recipe for a death trap. How Toyota haven’t recalled all of them and scrapped them all in favour of using the metal to make handles for chocolate teapots I don’t know. But hey – it may be we’ve got a bad one, and they’re normally very good. Somehow I doubt it, this experience has totally put both of us off ever buying a Corolla! hahah. Even so I still like Toyota Celica’s and their trucks ! :-D

 The previous cars we’ve had are a Silver  Mustang convertible, a white mustang convertible, a yellow Corvette, and a white Chevy hht !