Its like -where IS they??- innit?

The Journey: Day 27 to day 40 – Tucson (Arizona) to Spearfish (South Dakota)

This is the google maps tracker of our journey from day 27 to day 40.. we pick up here on day 27 leaving Tucson and it takes us as far as reached Spearfish (South Dakota). The map tracker says we travelled 2019 miles in this section – but we went back into Yellowstone Park from Red Lodge on our second day there, which was a 400 mile round trip day. We also covered 150 miles on day 39 going from Spearfish to Mount Rushmore and Crazy horse monument. If you add these all together with the total mileage (1859) from the last section of our trip plus the additional mileage from the last section(150), we have covered a total of approx 4578 Miles up to day 40 ! 114.5 miles per day average ! haha