Its like -where IS they??- innit?

The Journey: Day 50 to date

So the latest leg of the journey has seen us go from New Orleans to Panama City Beach, to Orlando where we spent a week with Carl and Suzanne, down the west coast from Clearwater to Naples, then accross to the east coast – Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and now down to the famous Florida Keys – with many stops along the way  .. adding another 1459 miles according to the tracker .. this edges the total to 8031 miles! this doesn’t include the additionals, the incidentals, and the extras – of which we know there are actually a rather large amount! we estimate the total collective amount to be in excess of 9000

we’re now nearing the end of our epic journey, and know we’ll only be moving from here in Florida City, down to Key west, then back up to Miami and our final destination in the USA - Miami Airport for our flight home. This will add about another 300 miles if we go point to point and nowhere else (fat chance). At the beginning Sharon guesstimated we’d do between 9 and 10 thousand miles. I didn’t expect to cover so many, but looks like she was pretty spot on. What an amazing  journey we’ve had together!